Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bath Time

We are currently in a drought so C rarely gets to use the big bath anymore. But occasionally I will put him in there and he has so much fun. He got to take a big huge bubble bath with his buddy JD the other night. They played with all the toys, squirted each other with water and poured water on each other's heads. This is such cheap and easy entertainment. The kids enjoy themselves while Courtney (JD's mom) and I hang out in the bathroom watching them to make sure they don't flood the bathroom or spray water all over the walls (which they still do even with us in there) and have a glass of wine. C decided to make himself a bubble beard! JD wanted nothing to do with the whole bubble beard.
If he has so much fun in the tub, why does he tell me before every bath that he doesn't like baths? He gives me grief before each tub-a-scrub as we call them, but then gets in there, plays, and does not want to get out. They make no sense most of the time. But still so cute and adorable.

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Jenni said...

Welcome to the blogging world! I tend to neglect my blog for a while, then I miss my "blogging" friends (mostly other heart moms), and try to get back into it! I'm thinking about making a list of TM Bloggers. You can be the first one I add!