Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cooking Class - Easter Theme

We had our second cooking class. He really enjoyed himself again. They made three things again this week. Everything was themed in Easter.
1. Bunny Cupcakes - Cupcakes frosted in white frosting, then coconut sprinkled on. For the ears cut a marshmallow in half, dip in pink sprinkles, pinch to make them oval and then stick on with frosting. For the eyes and nose use jelly beans, then the cheeks are mini marshmallows.
2. Egg Mice - Hard boiled egg with radish ears, olive eyes, and a chive tail. Cut slits in the egg and place the ears, eyes, and tail on. She also had cut a small piece off the bottom so they sit flat.
3. Chocolate Pretzels - the kids placed pretzels on their plates, then unwrapped hershey kisses and hugs. They then melted them in the microwave and when done, stuck a easter colored M&M on them. She said you can do red and green for Christmas, orange for Halloween, etc.
He wasn't too fond of coconut it turns out, so me and my co-workers got the cupcakes, daddy got the eggs, but the pretzels he wants to eat them all :-)
We have one more class left. April was full, so I will need to try to sign up again in May.
On a side note, in the new picture, I re-painted the dining room (there is still tape up) this past weekend. It was red and pink and now it is brown and blue, I am quite happy with the new colors. Just still need to touch up the chair rail and molding.

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