Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Savannah Birthday

Savannah turned one on Saturday. She had such a great party, the kids all enjoyed themselves. The dude played so hard that he fell asleep at 7 on the way home from her house. Savannah managed to sleep through about two hours of the party. Most of that was in her crib, but then she stirred and Hubs went in and got her. I, of course, had to then steal her from him and I sat in the glider and held her for about another 30 minutes while she slept on my chest. It was so sweet, reminded me how I used to hold the dude when he was a baby all the time. He has always been a touchy baby that needed to be close to someone, preferably in their arms. He still is that way. I wouldn't trade it for anything most days.
She had a very cute cake, yummy, too. Do you see all the loot that she got?!?! That was just the clothes, did not include the toys, she is going to be one of the best dressed babies you will ever see. She was quite attached to the Easter hat and purse she got, she did not want to let the purse go, girlie already? Of course!
We got her cabbage patch twins, I loved them when I saw them and knew they were perfect. Every kid needs a cabbage patch kid, I had them, so did my brother, shhh don't tell anyone. I can't find a picture of what they looked like, but they were the cutest African-American twin babies with pacifiers and books. I can picture her toting them around now.

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