Thursday, March 6, 2008


The dude started having nightmares. I actually really think they may be night terrors. Saturday he woke up and sat straight up in the bed calling out "Ms. Jessica, Ms. Jessica, Ms. Jessica...". It took me a while to get him settled down, but I finally got him to lay back down and he just dozed right back off as if nothing happened. On Monday, he did it at quiet time at school, but called out for mommy, stumbled to the potty, then laid back down and went back to sleep as if nothing happened. The one I saw Saturday was a look of real fear/terror on his face. Ms. Jessica said the one she saw was kinda weird and out of character for him.
We have had several rough nights since, where he cries in the night and just been having difficulty sleeping. Two nights ago it was pretty bad and none of us handled it well. He was upset, overtired, crying, sad, scared, etc. Hubs was impatient with him, I thought I could be a little more patient, but after a long time, even I was a bit impatient. I am not happy about that, but sleep deprived no one in this house is happy. I am not sure what the issue is, but hopefully it will resolve. It seems just when we get in a sleeping groove, it never lasts in this house. He has been wanting someone to sleep with him every night. Chris We are trying to get him to sleep a little more often on his own. But he was sneaky the other day. He knows we are going to California and he said when we go he gets to sleep with someone every night because Mimi only has three beds. One for Jocie, one for Mimi, and one for me and him :-) Too funny! I am ready to get a little more sleep so hopefully it will get better soon.

I haven't taken a pic the last few days, so I will post one of him and one of his teachers Ms. Jessica since he loves her so much!
This week, I got the dates wrong, hockey starts next week. We went and they said it starts next Wednesday. So instead he got to play in open gym for a while with another little boy and they played with a basketball. They were so cute trying to dribble and shoot. The baskets were not lowered so they didn't make it anywhere near the basket, but the attempt was cute! Can't wait to see him play hockey! He seems to think he will play on the ice, but they are just going to learn some basics in the gym.


Mommy's Nintendo said...

Hang in there! I know how you feel. My bigger girl, Pete, has had sleep problems since she was a toddler. It started with night terrors and nightmares. As she's gotten bigger, it has developed into sleep walking, and it seems to get worse when she's having some kind of stress in her life.

Nicki Mann said...

Night terror sare the worst! But I think they're scarier for US than for the kids, because if they're real night terrors, the kids don't usually even remember them afterwards! Good luck!!!