Monday, March 10, 2008

Random Musings

Oh, I so wish I would have written down all the funny things the the dude says. I am going to try to get better now. He makes me laugh daily with the funny things he says.
He has insisted for a while he has a girlfriend, her name is Patty. She may be a little too old for him, but that hasn't stopped him. Oh, and the fact that she is engaged to my brother hasn't stopped him either. He has a picture of the two of them (shown here) that he keeps on his bedside table. He told me yesterday he is going to marry only Patty and not me, then said, I 'm joking mom, I am marrying you AND Patty. :-)
Today on the way into school he tells daddy he needs swim lessons so he can swim in the deep end of the pool. Can you guess what I will be looking up today? Yep, swim lessons. He has had two sets of them and is close to swimming. I'd say he can swim 15 yards unassisted.

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