Saturday, August 8, 2009


I took C to the BMX Park today for a session. He had a lot of fun. He is still a little hesitant on the ramps and spends a lot of time riding up to talk to me, getting a drink, or just taking a break to watch, but he really likes going there and seems to have a great time. I enjoy watching him. He can’t wait to “catch air”.
I caught a little video of him doing his tricks. He loves to stand and ride, he loves to take his feet off the bike like he sees the X Games riders do (yes, it is scary), and he loves the ramps.

He doesn’t do it in this video, but the other day he took his feet off the pedals and stood on the bar between the seat and the handle bars. And yes, it game me a few grey hairs watching him.

Here he is doing a ta-da on his bike:
bmx,bike riding

All sweaty from the ride:

So after the BMX Park we headed to get him a toy. He had his wallet and his money and there was nothing he wanted more that he wanted to buy himself than a small BMX bike toy. He loves to play with the new X games line of toys and has ramps, skateboards complete with interchangeable wheels and stickers, and now a BMX bike. These toys are super cool. The skate boards come with little shoes you stick on your fingers to do tricks on the skateboard and the BMX bike comes with little rubber finger gloves you stick on the handlebars to do tricks.

Next I had to run through my favorite coffee shop Caribou Coffee for an iced coffee and the girl even gave C a little cup of his own special coffee. Nothing better than a new bike and some special coffee, he proudly held them up for a picture.
New Toy and Coffee:

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