Sunday, August 23, 2009

Movie - X Games

Hubby, C, and I went to go see X Games 3D: The Movie today and C loved it. It is only playing for one week and it is in 3D. It was really good. The stunts were awesome! C was a bit bummed there really wasn't any BMX stuff in it. It was mostly Skateboarding, Rally Car, Moto Cross stunts, and a little snow boarding. It starred Ricky "the GOAT" Carmichael, Danny Way, Travis Pastrana, cutie Bob Burquist, Shawn White, and more. I was on the edge of my seat sometimes and C asked me why. I told him the stunts make me nervous and he said is it because I am going to do them one day? Yikes! He is totally in a BMX phase and says he will be a BMXer when he grows up and he will be in the X games. There is a show on TV that showcases kids called "The Next X Special" We only have one episode on DVR and he has probably watched it two dozen times. At the beach he kept saying, "Look mom, I am doing a tuck no hander on my board". He can't wait until he is ten and wants to be the first ten year old to do a 360 tail whip. He loved, loved, loved the movie. He really hopes it comes out on video to buy.

*GOAT = Greatest Of All Time

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