Tuesday, August 11, 2009


C whispered a secret in my ear this morning. "I love you more than I love Calvin." That is so cool! He asked me if I thought Calvin heard him. I think dogs have super hearing, so he probably did. Who knows if he understands, I only know Cal understands:
  • Treat
  • Go Outside
  • Big potty (means please do more than pee so I don't get a present later)
  • Ride (this makes him run so fast to the door, I feel sorry for anyone in his path)
  • Walk (again, be fearful if you are in his path)

After this interaction, we told each other we love each other the mostest in the whole wide world. He asked me if I loved him more than Mimi (my mom) and I said yeah, but in a different way. He said he couldn't imagine loving someone more than your own mommy. He is just so super sweet.

I tell C all the time I have the sweetest boy in the whole world and I really do mean it, he tells me he loves me all the time with really cool creative ways. Also, this morning he loved me "360 and 88 miles."


Marielle said...

That's adorable. Yup, hard to believe one day you end up loving someone more than your mom and it's your own child. Sniff.

Carolina Mama said...

Congratulations you won the Yoplait Giveaway! :) It's fun. And what a cute story.