Sunday, August 30, 2009


I took C out to the BMX Park this weekend for the first time and he LOVED it! Of course he would, he is a little daredevil that loves action! It was pretty cool, a huge dirt track for bikes. He got a loaner bike and a BMX helmet (which he told me later that if I would just buy him one, he would not need to borrow one), and was off. He started at the halfway point down the first hill with Mama holding the bike, but then he did the whole track on the first run by himself. He kept going and going and rode his bike from 6:30-9:30 when the lights went out with very few breaks. He was afraid of the starting gates, understandably, they are very loud. He got offered an opportunity to race, but declined saying “I am just a little kid!” because he did not want to do the starting gate. Of course, the little kid argument only comes up when it is something he doesn’t want to do. I think he will within a week or two. We shall see. I won’t buy a bike just yet because we can use the loaner bike/helmet until we see if this is his sport. It can get expensive, but if he likes it he can get a BMX bike and helmet for birthday or Christmas. It was fun to be out there, the other moms were so friendly and the kids were so cool riding and jumping and racing.


Carolina Mama said...

Thanks for the comment on the yougrt. Can you email me about the coupon printing? :)

Susana said...

My husband would love these BMX posts!! This is really cool:-)! I will definitely show this to Joe and my husband too.

CandCFamily said...

C loves the BMX track. He raced for the first time today.